How to chamfer the stone curb

- Feb 10, 2021-

How to chamfer the stone curb?

Curbstone is one of the most common decorative stones. When the curbstone is processed, it is a square prism, and many of the curbstones we see have a bevel or fillet.


Curbstone belongs to a kind of strip stone, which refers to the strip shaped object cut by stone and used as the boundary stone at the edge of the road. Curbstone is also known as tooth stone or roadside stone or curbstone. Curb is the boundary line on the road to distinguish the roadway, sidewalk, green space, isolation zone and other parts of the road, which plays a role in ensuring the traffic safety of pedestrians and vehicles and ensuring the neat edge of the road.

According to the section size of curbs, they can be divided into H-type curbs, T-type curbs, R-type curbs, F-type curbs, TF type curbs and p-type flat curbs. According to the line type of curbstone, it can be classified as curve curbstone and straight-line curbstone. The firing board curve curb can be used with the straight curb.