How to use stone in decoration

- Dec 24, 2020-

How to select and use stones in house decoration?

Like simple style householder can choose natural texture marble, direct whole face paving, and lay plush carpet above, warm feeling is ready to come out. The householder who likes elegant style can spread some simple pattern mosaic products in the center of the living room, which saves the care of blanket and makes the space more interesting.


The texture of natural stone is natural and generous, and the use effect of bathroom wall is very good. And the ground uses natural marble, need to pay attention to keep dry and clean.


In a 100 square meter indoor home, relatively speaking, the kitchen and bathroom are areas where many householders are willing to invest more in high-quality building materials. For the countertops and walls of cabinets, man-made stones are often used. However, the texture of artificial stones is not natural enough. The kitchen made of natural marble has a more simple and fashionable sense and can also meet the needs of harsh environment.

When people are decorating, they pay more attention to every corner of their home. Of course, stairs are no exception. Many people will choose to use marble when decorating the stair floor, because it has the advantages of dirt resistance, good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance, small temperature deformation, and the anti-skid effect is better than that of ceramic tile.