Stone Skirting Designs

- Jan 27, 2021-

The role of skirting

The function of visual balance. The use of its sense of line, color and other lines echo each other, play a very good beautification and decoration effect.

The function of protecting the wall. It can make the wall and the ground more firmly combined, reduce the deformation of the wall, and avoid the damage caused by external force collision. In addition, if the ground is splashed with dirty water, scrubbing is very convenient.


Match of skirting line

The color of the skirting line can be similar to that of the wall and floor. Similar colors will not make the skirting line conflict with the overall tone of the room too much, giving people a softer sense of vision.

The color of the skirting line can be in contrast with the wall and ground. Contrast color gives people a stronger visual impact. If the depth is matched properly, the interior decoration effect will be more outstanding.

The color of skirting line can be the same as that of door pocket and pass. In this way, the color of the whole room is easy to be unified, not too big a mistake.


Marble skirting maintenance

1. After the skirting line is pasted for a period of time, the surface is often covered with greasy, water rust and soap stains. You can use multi-functional decontamination cream to clean it, which can not only damage the surface brightness, but also keep the surface clean. The joint should be dipped in a little detergent with a toothbrush to remove dirt, and then brush a waterproof agent in the gap with a brush, which can not only prevent water seepage, but also prevent mold growth.

2. Waxing and polishing is an effective maintenance method, which can make the surface of marble skirting line more bright, fresh and clean.

3. Recrystallization is a popular maintenance method at present. Some special chemical materials are combined with the structure of marble surface through mechanical processing to produce a new hard crystalline layer. Can make marble ground get bright, fresh and natural effect, but also improve the wear resistance of marble surface, make its luster more lasting.

4. For slight abrasions, special marble cleaner and care agent can be used for care, or steel wool can be used for wiping, and then electric polishing machine can be used for polishing to restore the original luster.