Why white marble more and more expensive

- Jan 21, 2021-

White is one of the most classic and commonly used colors in decoration design. White marble is an important category of stone, which has always been loved by designers.

Marble has always been the most popular and popular of all the background wall materials, and it is also the easiest to improve the temperament and effect of the whole home decoration. Every natural stone curtain wall can not be described as beautiful and unique in words.


White marble texture advanced, gentle and fashionable elegant temperament, high-grade atmosphere, used in the TV wall effect gorgeous dignified.

White marble is also very versatile, especially in the modern style of decoration, a white marble background wall, simple and fashionable, new Chinese style can also use white marble as the background wall.

White marble texture elegant, can make a lot of texture on the design of the spell and so on, better decoration living room.