Herringbone White, Grey Marble Mosaic Tiles For Bathroom Wall, Floor

Mosaic tiles work well when combined with larger format tiles of the same product or alternatively use alone for maximum impact.All of our mosaic tiles are comprised of small stone pieces arranged on a mesh backed, 305x305mm approx. sheet.

Product Details

Large range of marble mosaic floor & wall tiles in various styles & colours for only $20 per square meter. Welcome to inquire!

Materialwhite and grey marble
Stone Typemarble mosaic tiles
Colorgrey, white
Size305 x 305mm; 300 x 300mm; 152 x 305mm; customized
Surfacepolished, honed, antique or sandblasted
Packingcardboard in seaworthy wooden crates

marble mosaic tile packing 1.JPG

marble mosaic tile packing

marble mosaic tile packing 2.JPG

marble mosaic tile packing

marble mosaic tile packing 3.jpg

marble mosaic tile packing


herringbone marble mosaic tile 1.JPG

herringbone marble mosaic tile 2.JPG

herringbone marble mosaic tile 3.JPG



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