China Kylie Marble Slab Cheap Marble Slab

2. Size Slab: 120upX240up CM 160upX280up CM Cut to size: 30X30cm, 30X60cm, 60X60cm Vanity top: 25"x22",31"x22", 37"x22",49"x22",61"x22" etc. Kitchen Countertops 25 1/2"x96", 26"x96", 25 1/2"x108", 26 1/2"x108", 28"x96",28"x108" etc. Kitchen Island 98"x42",76"x42",76"x36",86"x42",96"x36" etc.

Product Details

China Kylie Marble slab cheap marble slab

MaterialChina Kylie Marble slab cheap marble slab
Stone Typemarble slabs, marble tiles, marble mosaics
Dimension1400up x 2400up x 16mm/18mm/20mm/25mm/30mm
Finishmentpolished, honed, antique, matt, natural
Packingseaworthy and fumigated wooden bundles
Delivery2 weeks since date of order confirmation

Product Description

China Kylie Marble slab cheap marble slab

1. Size

A. for slab:
1, Big slab: 240-300cm L X 100-180cm, Thickness=1.5cm or 1.8cm, 2cm,3 cm
B. for tile: 12"x 12"x 3/8" (305x305x10mm)
18"x 18"x 3/8" (457x457x 10mm)
24" x24"x 3/8"(610x610x10mm)
C. Other sizes as per customized request by your project   
2. Quality control
1, Thickness tolerance: (-1, +1mm)
2, Diagonal tolerance: (-1,+1mm)
3. Packing
Professional Packing by Strong wooden bundles 
4. Delivery
1, Delivery time: within 3 weeks after the orders confirmed
2, Shipping Port: Xiamen port, China
5. Surface: Polished, Honed etc.






marble slabs quarry


stone factory

Q. What does marble look like?

A. Marble is composed of calcium carbonate. Marble slab contain impurities such as clay minerals, iron oxides, or bituminous material can be bluish, gray, pink, yellow, or black in color.

Q. What colors does marble come in?
A. Marble is usually a light-colored rock when it is formed from limestone with very few impurities.

Q. Are there different types of marble?
A. Marble comes in a variety of colors and many have different qualities, such as the amount of veining, etc..

Q. Are you sure the packing will be excellent? If damage happens during the transportation who will be responsible for that?
A. Yes, we are sure that our packing is safe enough. We use strong wooden crates for outside packing. Inside, we use cardboard box. Plus we load container properly and reinforce the crate very well. If the damage occurred due to the fault of packing, our company will take the responsibility.


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