How To Seal Granite Countertops?

- Feb 24, 2018-

1. Clean the granite surface. Then wait to allow the granite surface to dry completely.

2. Select a right sealer for your granite surface.

3. Ventilate the kitchen area. Some sealers may produce unpleasant smell during application, so open the window and door, make airiness.

4. Test in a small area. We can make sure the sealer is compatible with the granite surface. While we could omit this step if you did have selected a right sealer from Step2.

5. Cover the granite surface evenly. You can do this with spray bottle, or lint-free cloth, to make the entire granite surface damp, but not soaked.

6. Wait and let the sealer absorb into the granite. Follow the instructions from Sealer for the exact time. Usually, it needs about half an hour to soak in the the granite.

7. Repeat Step5 and Step6 if necessary. It the sealer directs us to add a second coat, we have to continue this step.

8. Wipe up the remaining sealer. After we leave the sealer on for the time as the sealer direct, wipe up the remaining sealer, because too much sealer left on the granite surface can cause a haze.

9. Leave the granite surface alone for 48 hours or more. You could also follow instructions from the sealer, but it's still a good idea to avoid washing, and to let the sealer "cure" for some time.