Terrazzo Stone

- Aug 07, 2019-


The terrazzo in memory is mostly in the shade of gray, but today, terrazzo has a rich and beautiful aesthetic.

The space made up of colorful terrazzo is not only refreshing, but also a gorgeous counter-attack for the designer's new darling, bringing more creativity and possibilities to the style.

Pink Terrazzo

The terrazzo has a rough texture and often gives a hard, cold feeling. But with the pink color of the girl's heart, it is a bit more soft and delicate.

Bule terrazzo

The home is comfortable and natural, and the blue color is extremely fresh. It can be used in a small space such as a bathroom. It can easily break the feeling of depression and create a feeling of calm and comfort.

Green terrazzo

green terrazzo is definitely the best choice let you feeling fresh air.

Because its temperament is fresh and eye-catching, it is very close to nature. When combined with green plants or green decorations, it can draw a steady stream of vitality and vitality.

Black terrazzo

Black is calm and atmospheric, dignified and heavy, whether it is the superimposition and rendering of the same color, or with the simple white composition couple, can produce a strong visual tension.

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